Marquee, Beaglehat, and Paton Join Forces!
After Beaglehat released their 2nd album "Casgabarl!", a Japanese record company "Marquee Inc." showed an interest in the band and signed them for their next album release. Originally Marquee's plan was to release a compilation album taken from Beaglehat’s first 2 albums (private pressings) with 2 songs in sung in English by a major British singer. They asked David Paton, one of the band’s favorite vocalists, to sing on the album. He agreed and began recording the vocals for the 2 tracks. The collaboration went so well and seemed so natural that they expanded the project to have David record vocals for the entire album. Marquee Inc. is planning to release the album by year’s end and is considering foreign release of this stunning album! For more information on Marquee Inc., Click the button below!