Mixing of the new album is complete. Final mastering is underway. We have now closed the Name the album contest. Watch this space for the announce of the album title shortly. Decisions are still yet to be made about #s to press and methods of distribution. This is where your input will help ensure there is no turbulence. We are asking fans who would plan on purchasing a copy to click on the reservation form button and fill out the form. This does NOT commit you to purchasing one. It just helps the band make decisions. It also will make sure you are notified once it is available. It includes things like "What country do you live in?", "If you purchase a copy would you pay via credit card/Pay Pal"... We are also looking for your marketing/distribution suggestions for the countries you live in. The CD will definitely be available through this site, there just also may be some more distribution possibilities in certain countries. Also, it will enable you to be notified on any Pilot updates. Also, you can also submit any ideas you may have about the new album. Your address will be kept confidential! NOW 3 MP3 CLIPS (One Good Reason Why, Get Up & Go, and Library Door) ARE UP ON THE SITE FOR YOU TAKE A LISTEN TO. CHECK THEM OUTS TO GET AN IDEA OF WHAT TO EXPECT!