The most provocative, inquisitive tabloid is finally here. Reporters for The Paton Post will tenaciously track down David and find our whatever our readers want to know. Just email us with your questions by clicking the Ask Question button below. David will answer selected questions on a regular basis. Please indicate if you desire anonymity. See Current Issue for latest questions/answers and Back Issues for previous questions/answers.

Mr. Music Man!
Only His Wurlitzer Knows
By Anita G. String

Investigative Reporter

QUESTION What kind of questions can readers expect David to answer?
ANSWER You can ask whatever questions you want. Our editors and Mr. Paton will chose which questions to answer here. Other questions may get a reply via email. Others may be thrown in the trash or fed to the bird. Use good judgment and don't ask tons of questions or silly ones. Any questions related to David's music, gear, Pilot, Elton John, Alan Parsons Project, his garden... are all probably fair game! We are ready for those inquiring minds that want to know!