The limited number of Blue Yonder CDs we have pressed up are available now exclusively on The Library Door website! Pay Pal is the preferred form of payment. However, we have decided to make it available by check and money order also. We will be giving away autographed copies and other bonuses to certain order #s. So check out the Library Door site for more information. To go directly to the order page, click the Order button below. Once you receive your CD, please make sure to tell everyone what you think on the Talk Back Chat page at

In light of Pilot's return to the Friendly Skies, we have revamped the Official Pilot site, Please go there to hear some NEW MP3 clips, for the Album contest winner, and for future updates. The site now has its own guestbook, a message board, and a great look! Be sure to check it out. A link to The Library Door's news section is below!