"My acoustic was bought in 1973, it's an Aria and although the neck is a little too thin for me now, it's OK. I bought it for the recording of 'The Album of the Same Name' and I think it was the best one in the music store at that time. I have played better acoustics since then, but I suppose I'm happy with what I have and it was used on all the early Pilot recordings, 'Trembling', 'January' etc, so there's a bit of nostalgia there as well. I also used this guitar for some of the Alan Parsons recordings. In fact, it's been used on countless albums and CD's. A good tone is important and the Aria has that. I've written a few songs with it and it's always at hand for the odd party or get together. To hear an example of me playing Blackbird on my acoustic, click on either of the two buttons to the bottom right. You can either stream the Flash clip or download a better quality MP3 clip."
Take a listen to a clip of David playing
Blackbird on his Aria Acoustic