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Carillon Computer
David in Studio
Carillon computer
Rode microphone
DDPS Studios

Welcome to DPS Studios. Here is a little information about my setup. I have a Carillon computer which is specifically designed for making music and is fully stocked with goodies including- Cubase VST, Halion, Loopstation, an E-mu Emulator X, and Sprectrasoncis Stylus software, and other plugins.  I’ve increased the Ram to 4GB. In the past I would use outboard gear for sounds, FX etc, now, the computer handles it all. This makes mix downs so much easier. No more midi cables no more racks, it’s all plug-ins and VST instruments now. Cubase is my main piece of software and like the computer, I like to keep up to date with the latest versions of software, things move so fast now it’s easy to get left behind. I buy a new computer every 2 or 3 years and I always look out for big changes to the spec. Click the spec button for details on my computer setup.  

The sounds I have on boards are mainly from E-mu Emulator X, although Cubase have a few synths on board and the Hallion sampler comes with the software. The Emulator piano sounds are fantastic. My other major piece of software is the Spectrasonics Stylus. This is how a lot of my drum sounds are generated, 1000’s of loops to choose from as well as individual sounds and grooves, it’s a great tool for writing. I tend to set up a groove and play along to it with an E-mu piano or my guitar, there’s a lot of fun to be had writing songs in this way. Mix downs are so easy and then I use Wavelab for mastering. And that’s it, it’s that simple, the master CD is burnt with Nero software, couldn’t be easier. My mikes are AKG and Rode and they’re only used for vocal and acoustic guitar. Check out the Studio Spotlight to access info and clips from other artists/albums that I have played on and produced in my studio.

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E-Mu Emulator X
Spetrasonics Stylus Software