"I have been playing a Music Man bass since 1979 when I bought a 4 string Stingray with a maple neck. I tried several guitars on the day, the Musicman was just on the market and although I knew it was made by Leo Fender, I hadn't even seen one let alone play one. There was quite a few well known and fancy looking guitars for sale, but I was sold on the Music Man Stingray from the moment I picked it up, the tone and the playability is fantastic. Around about 1984 I had the neck modified to a fretless rosewood. The pickup has developed a bit of a buzz now and can't be used for recording at the moment. On the USA tour with Elton in 1996, I bought myself the 2 Music Man 5 string basses that I use now. They were ordered directly from the factory and arrived the next day. I'm in bass players heaven with these guitars. I'm not interested in sponsorship, and I rave about the Music Man basses only because I think they're really fine instruments."
Check out the clip of me playing a classic tune by a well-known artist.