"My Spanish guitar was bought over 30 years ago and needs a bit attention now, but it's amazing how well it sounds. It's been used a lot and records really well. I used this guitar on the Pilot demos recorded at Craighall, and it can be heard on 'Lovely lady smile', 'To you alone' and various Pilot recordings. When Billy and I were writing and recording our work at Craighall, we would find the time to duet together (just for fun). There was a good selection of pieces for guitar and flute at the library. I remember us having lots of enthusiasm for this kind of playing. The music department has been moved to another area now, but I like to visit the library and look for interesting guitar pieces, and I still get a kick out of sight-reading music I've never heard before. To hear an example of my Spanish guitar, click on either of the two buttons to the bottom right. You can either stream the Flash clip or download a better quality MP3 clip."
Take a listen to a clip of David playing his
Spanish Guita