"When we started the tour of USA with Elton John in 1986, he bought me this Steinberger bass. Elton is a very kind and generous man and he knew I'd be thrilled with such a state of the art bass. At that time he was given an award for the longest run at Madison Square Garden. I played the Steinberger for the first time at MSG and I still enjoy its versatility. This is a small-bodied guitar and is made of carbon. It has a very distinctive sound and is great for thumb and slap, the sustain is also amazing, intonation excellent and string changing couldn't be quicker. It can be heard on 'When the sun comes' (Blue Yonder) and you can hear the aggressive side of it on 'Crazy'. To hear an example of me going 'Crazy' on my Steinberger, click on either of the two buttons to the bottom right. You can either stream the Flash clip or download a better quality MP3 clip. If you want to hear a nice clip of the song with vocals, be sure to check out the MP3 Archive Section."