"I started my career in music as a guitarist and didn't play bass until I was about 20 years old. I played a Telecaster with the Beachcombers, I also had a Blonde Gibson 335, a Les Paul gold top and then a Rickenbacker. The guitar I have now is a Fender Squier Stratocaster (Japan). Ian Bairnson picked out this guitar for me many years ago and it plays really well. It's been used on 'Passions Cry', 'Fragments', and there's a lot of it on The Search CD. I use it with a Behringer V-amp, there are plenty of different amp settings and effects on the V-amp and for me, it's fine. To hear an example of me playing the Stratocaster on Too Many Ways, click on either of the two buttons to the bottom right. You can either stream the Flash clip or download a better quality MP3 clip." You can also hear more of Too Many Ways in the MP3 section of the web page."
Take a listen to a clip of David playing his
Stratocaster on the song Too Many Ways