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Rieser came to me via Ed Jones. Ed has been a pal for a while now and was in DPS recording ‘Sacred Light’ with Greg on acoustic guitar. Greg seemed to enjoy the sessions and told me he had recorded a few tracks with his band (Rieser) but they needed re-mixing, so would I consider doing them. He gave me the .wav files and I had a crack at mixing ‘Just Seen a Ghost’. I added piano and the mix sounded good to me. Greg and Chris (vocals) came round with Tom (bass) and we listened together to the track. I agreed to mix the rest of the tracks and record a couple more from scratch. I don’t have facilities to record acoustic drums at DPS so it was agreed to record the drums at The Sound Station with Calais Brown and the rest of the instruments with me. The rest of the mixing was done and the album is now ready for release. Check out Rieser's website for more information about the band and album.