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After being invited to play live in Liverpool at the World Beatle Convention by BBC Radio Merseryside and Channel 4 National television, Kenny Herbert and Rab Howat felt that it was a good idea to carry on celebrating the inspiration and enjoyment, they had throughout the years, playing the music of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. By writing and recording a new collection of songs using all the influences of thier idols, Kenny and Rab have tried to keep the musc as live and exciting as it was in the Liverpool years. Kenny and Rab are joined again on this CD by David. Kenny and Rab have recorded David's song entitled I Wonder and Kenny has also co-written two songs including Let it Go with David. Even today, across the universe, John and Paul are still considered to be the the single biggest writing influence for all types of artists. Thanks to them, great songs continue to be written and performed with the same enthusiasm and excitement that they've always had. Again, all the songs and melodies the Beatles originally wrote, will remain as good as it gets and undoubtedly be listened to, imitated and enjoye until the end of time.

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