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Kenny Herbert and Rab Howat are Edinburgh singer songwriters who have been working on the music scene for the last 25 years writing and playing in various styles from Traditional Scottish to Soul and R&B. David met Kenny and Rab a few years ago and first collaborated with the duo on Kenny's first album The Last Song in Abbey Road. There relationship developed from there. Now David produces all the music. as a bass player. The Last Song in Abbey Road includes songs written and recorded by Kenny and Rab in a Beatlesque style and released in the UK in 2004. The album is a tribute to John, Paul, George, and Ringo. After its release, Kenny and Rab were invited to play at the World Beatle Convention by BBC Radio Merseryside and Channel 4 National television who all picked up on their music along with numerous other UK stations.

You can also find out more and hear clips from 8121980, Kenny and Rab’s recent release Songs of Our Lives produced by David, as well as clips from their upcoming album by clicking on the album cover buttons (above left) and find out more about these albums.  You can also visit Kenny’s website by clicking the button below where you can purchase the first two albums.