Fragments is a collection of traditional Scottish songs I'm very fond of and have enjoyed playing and singing for many years, I have also written two songs 'This honest land' and 'Fallin'. The other titles on this album are : 'Ca' the Yowes', 'For a' that', 'Westlin Winds', 'Loch Lomond' 'Jock o' Hazeldean', Scots Wha' Hae' 'The Bonnie Blue Bonnets' and the Robert Burns poem 'The Holy Fair' which I have set to music. The version I have chosen of 'Loch lomond' uses traditional words seldom heard. My old art teacher Roy Williamson of the 'Corries' has a credit for 'The Bonnie Blue Bonnets', although I think the words are traditional. I was lucky enough to have some fantastic and highly respected Scottish musicians play on this album, Phil Cunningham MBE plays whistles and accordion, Malcolm Stitt of Deaf Shepherd whistles and bagpipes, and James Mackintosh of Shooglenifty plays assorted percussion, also featured are Kevin Wilkinson, Robin Boult, Jim Condie, John McNairn and Jon Turner. We have recently acquired copies of Fragments which are now available at while supplies last. Click the button below to go to order the CD.