Jeggro are Winston Odeye (bass) and Woodrow Wilson (vocals). Winston, the force behind Jeggro, was born in Ghana and moved with his family first to Ireland and then to Scotland where he studied law at Edinburgh University. Winston has been involved in the music scene since 1980 when he toured as the bass player with the SOLOS pop group supporting the TOURISTS (Later EURYTHMICS) at major concert venues throughout the UK. The tour came shortly after signing with EMI on the then new Cobra label and the single Talking Pictures. At the end of the tour, Winston left the SOLOS to start writing his own material and developing his own musical style and direction. Since then, he has worked extensively in studios in London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, amassing a wealth of invaluable pratical experience in performance, recording, and production techniques.

David was introduced to Winston in the late 1990s by Jon Turner and has remained a good friend ever since. David sang backing vocals on Jeggro's first release Lily produced by Fos Patterson and Winston. After its release in 2001, Winston and Woodrow began recording new material at DPS Studios produced by David. About Winston, David says "He is a fine writer and bass player, and a joy to work with. In the studio, the recording pretty straight forward. Drums first, then Winston lays down the bass and the rest of the track is built around that foundation. We use his bass head and a beat up old Fender precision. It's recorded onto the computer without any eq and has the speakers working hard to cope with the ultra low frequencies, but that's all part of the reggae sound. Winston is just full of ideas for guitar, percussion, brass and string arrangements. Woodrow (Woody) does his vocal when the track is sounding good and the last thing to go down is usually the backinghe lead vocals are by Woodrow (Woody) and I usually handle the BV's. I use a Behringer V-amp for my Fender Squire Strat.  The MP3 clips are from songs that are likely to be on the new Jeggro album to be released soon on the DPS label.