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David has collaborated on an album by Japanese band Beagle Hat! Both share the love of really catchy melodies, intricate harmonies, and great musicianship so a partnership was easy. David was invited by writer Hisa to guest as a co-writer and lead vocalist for this cult band. Following the success in Japan of his earlier released music, Blue Yonder and The Search, he didn't have to think twice about accepting their invitation after hearing some of the songs they had already written. Japan... has been a country that has followed and always supported Davids' musical career since the Pilot days and the emergence of British Pop Rock. On this album you will hear songs which have influences throughout many different years and areas of music. The end result being a really feel good bunch of high class well performed and produced pop songs including David's own Goldmine and On my way. Above some links of online stores where you can purchase the Beagle Hat CD, as well as a link to the official Beagle Hat Site, which includes lots of information on the band and links to more places to purchase the CD!