TThis CD contains some of the best music to be recorded and produced at DPS Studios by David Paton over the last year. This limited edition contains two new songs from David’s forthcoming solo Album Tell It Like Is. All the songs are original and it’s a great testament to the writers and musicians involved that such a fine collection of music has been assembled on the one CD. There is a great variety of styles and flavour, from the powerful opener Catch Me to the final tribute to Edinburgh a traditional ballad about the Scottish Capital. All the artists featured are continuing their work with David at DPS Studios and future releases and any recording news will be posted on this web site.

It was Kenny Herbert who first suggested a compilation CD to David. They were listening to a collection of the songs recorded at the studio and realized that they would work well together on the one CD. David sat at the computer and put the running order together very quickly. That running order didn ’t changed and for David it really worked. Each artist featured is dedicated to their music and we have had many hours in the studio to achieve the best possible results. Given the title of this album I would like to mention my most favourite piece of music of all time. It is the last movement of Beethovens 9th symphony 'Ode to joy' written on the theme of friendship. Also the words of Robert Burns For a‚ that, and a‚ that, It’s comin yet for a‚ that, That man to man, the world o’er, Shall brothers be for a‚ that. This album is dedicated to friendship. You can purchase the cd exclusively at by clicking the button below.